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How to use an invoice template with UIS

Assuming you have downloaded and installed Uniform Invoice Software:

  1. Click the "Download" button in the "All formats in a self-extracting zip package" section.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to extract all files.
  3. Open the template, which is a ".xlsx", ".xls" or ".xlsm" format.
  4. Click "Design Mode" on the "Invoice" Excel ribbon tab to put it into design mode.
  5. Enter your business information and replace the default logo image to make it your own. (How?)
  6. Click "Design Mode" again to exit design mode.
  7. Create invoice (tutorial movie)!

How to download and use Excel template

To download only the Excel template, right-click the "Download" button and then choose "Save link as" (Chrome and Firefox), or "Save target as" (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge), and then choose the location on your local computer.

Once the file is downloaded, right-click the file and choose "Properties". On the "General" tab check "Unlock" and then click "Apply". See figure below.

unlock a template to bypass the 'protected view' warning

Without the above "unlock" procedure, opening any file downloaded online or saved from email will cause the "protected view" warning, as shown in the figure below.

Excel shows 'protected view' warning message

Since many templates here on has custom fields defined, so if you download only a template without its database, the template may not work properly if you use it with an Access database shipped with other templates.

If you don't have Uniform Invoice Software installed, all buttons and reports on the template stop working. If what you need is only a free invoice template for creating invoices / bills, then you are safe to delete those buttons and reports to make the template clean.

To delete a button or the default logo image:

  • Go to Excel "Review" ribbon tab.
  • Click "Unprotect Sheet" in the "Changes" group.
  • Right-click a button, and then choose "Cut" from the shortcut menu.

To delete a report:

  • On the bottom of the Excel window, find and right-click the report name.
  • Choose "Delete" from the shortcut menu.

Cannot run the macro 'UISClickProc'

When you click a button on the "Invoice" worksheet, Excel shows the message "Cannot run the macro 'UISClickProc'. The macro may not be available in this workbook, or all macros may be disabled."

Cannot run macro message box

This error message occurs when Excel cannot find or run the macro 'UISClickProc' provided by Uniform Invoice Software Helper. To fix this, check if Uniform Invoice Software Helper is enabled.

  • Click Excel menu File / Options.
  • Click "Add-Ins" on the left command bar.
  • Check if "Uniform Invoice Software Helper" is listed in the "Active Application Add-in" section on the right pane. See figure below.

    If not, or if this add-in is listed in the "Inactivate Application Add-ins" section, then select "Excel Add-ins" from the bottom "Manage" list, and then click "Go...".

    There are should be two entries in the Excel add-ins list
  • Check "Uniform Invoice Software Helper" and click "OK". Enable Uniform Invoice Software add-in
  • Restart Excel.

You may also need to check the security settings of Excel allow Uniform Invoice Software Helper to run. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Click Excel menu "File" and then "Options".
  2. Click "Trust Center".
  3. Click "Trust Center Settings".
  4. Click "Add-ins".
  5. Make sure all 3 option boxes are cleared (not checked). See figure. Make sure Excel security setting allows Uniform Invoice Software to run
  6. Click "Macro Settings" make sure the first two options, "Disable all macros without notification" and "Disable all macros with notification", are NOT selected.

    Tip: If you copied the template from another computer, or downloaded it online / from an email message, the template file might be locked by Windows by default. In this case, you need to unlock it before you can change the security and macro setting, as detailed in the How to download and use Excel template section.

    Check macro settings to allow the add-in to run
  7. Restart Excel.

How do I install Uniform Invoice Software Helper manually?

Follow these steps to install Uniform Invoice Software helper add-in manually.

First determine where your Excel's "LIBRARY" folder is.

  1. Start Excel.
  2. Click Excel menu "File", and then "Options".
  3. Click "Trust Center". Click "Trust Center Settings".
  4. Click "Trust Locations".
  5. On the right pane, you'll find where your current LIBRARY folder is. Write done this path for later use.

Next, download install the helper add-in.

  1. Download
  2. Extract the Excel macro files from the zip package.
  3. Put the "UniformInvoiceSoftwareHelper.xlam" file in Excel's LIBRARY folder. Choose the ".xla" version if you have Excel 2007 or earlier version). You need "Administrator" privilege to copy files to the LIBRARY folder.
  4. Once you've put the "UniformInvoiceSoftwareHelper.xlam" file in the "LIBRARY" folder, start your template and try it.

Next, you have to enable the Excel add-in by following steps described here.

How to deal with the "Access to path 'path-full-name' is denied" error on installing Uniform Invoice Software Helper?

When installing Uniform Invoice Software Helper, you may encountered the error message shown below.

Access is denied error on installing the helper

To deal with this error, you need to first make sure you're running the installer program using a Windows Administrator account or an account that is a member of Windows admin group.

Secondly, Uniform Invoice Software runs inside Microsoft Excel as a COM add-in program, which requires the full locally installed Excel/Office. This means that, a client version of Office 365 subscription plan without installing the local Excel/Office will not work.

Is there a way to hide permanently the left and right hand sections of the main invoice xlsx and have only the invoice part?

how to hide the left and right sections

Left part - this is a task pane. You can hide it by pushing down the "Hide task pane" button on the "Invocie" worksheet.

Right part - they are general Excel text cells. You can clear them by following these steps: first select the cells, and then on Excel "Home" ribbon tab, choose "Clear" from the "Editing" tab.

Note : Don't delete / clear clles on the first row (i.e. the cells starting with "Current Database"), but you can hide those columns if you want.

How do I change from one template to another?

If the old template and new template have the same database structure, you can replace the old one with the new one by following these steps:

  • Download the new template from
  • Save the template to the folder where your database file was stored.
  • Open the new template.
  • Click "Settings".
  • Go to the "Database" tab.
  • Click "Open Database".
  • Browse to and open the database file that you use with your old template.
  • Once the new template successfully connected with your original database, save the template once by clicking "Save" on Excel quick access toolbar.

If the old template and new template don't have the database structure, you have to apply custom fields defined in the new template to the original database file before you can use the new template with the original database file. Learn more about Custom Fields, or contact us for assistance.

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