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When you try to save data, the program reports "Query '' is corrupt." message.

The error message

If you encounter this error, first be sure to check this Microsoft link, where you can find all the affected Access/Office versions and their patches:

As reported by at Error 3340 – Query is corrupt, this Microsoft Access bug was introduced in 11328.20468, which was released Nov 12. You can find more information at

2019-11-18 - Microsoft has released the first patch for Access 2016 MSI. This is a manual patch, so it will not automatically be installed by Windows Update and you must download and install it yourself! Here is the link:

2019-11-19 - A fix is also available for Office 365 that will automatically roll out. If you want to update manually go to Excel menu File / Account / Update Options / Update Now which should update you to 16.0.12130.20390.

2019-11-21 - If you are using the Windows Store edition, visit the Microsoft Store, click on the … in the upper right corner, and choose Downloads and Updates, and that should pick up the update.

If you are not running Office 2016 MSI, and installing all the latest Windows / Office updates does not fix the problem, then another workaround is to remove the original Windows update that caused the problem. See this link for the detailed steps:

Microsoft Access Query is Corrupt Error 3340