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The printed version.

Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background

Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background (c7029)

c7029 now includes the customized invoice template for the latest version of Invoice Manager for Excel. This is what you will see when you open proforma-invoice-earth-map-background.xlsx.

Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background (IMFE Edition)

Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background - IMFE edition


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Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

3.42 MBDownload

Without database file. How to download and use

130 KBDownload

Download this if you have already installed IMFE, and are looking for additional customized templates; or if you want a template for Invoice Manager (Lite).

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Proforma invoices, issued by vendors, are commonly used in international trade to provide buyers and the import/export authorities to officially declare the value of the trade. Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background is a revised version of our original pro-forma invoice template.

Like our previous pro-forma invoice templates, this Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background is in Microsoft Excel format (xlsx) format too. In fact, all of our invoice templates are provided you in Excel format, although a PDF version of the invoice template is provided with each Excel invoice template too. The reason that we choose Microsoft Excel as our template format is that Microsoft Excel is very widely applied spreadsheet around the world, and has replaced Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard for spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel provides powerful and flexible tools to format and present font-end data. This means we can easily design a professional and beautiful invoice layout easily with Microsoft Excel.

However as your business grows fast, so your data do. Excel is not a tool designed to manage large amount of data in a safe and organized way. The tool designed for this purpose is a database system. So we designed Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is originally named Excel Invoice Manager, and by connecting a front-end Excel invoicing template with backend database, Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) is not only be able to provided simple features like automated invoice numbering, but also the ability to manage customer accounts, invoicing items, invoices and payments.

In the past several years we've published a number of customized invoice templates here on Proforma invoice template is one of the important category, and c7010 Basic Proforma Invoicing Template is our first template under this category.

This sample, Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background, is based on c7014 Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation). This new version differs from the original one in that we've released all unnecessary button from the invoice form, replaced all ActiveX "Taxable" checkboxes with form controls, etc. However the most noticeable change is that we've add an earth map background image to the printable form (it will also be included in the auto-generated PDF proforma invoices too). Again, each of our template on includes a PDF invoice template. Feel free to visit our PDF invoice templates to find out more invoice samples.

Since proforma invoices, like commercial invoices, are mainly for cross-board international trading, we believe an earth map is a suitable background / watermark for it. The earth map is an abstract image create from a vector image. It is placed on the center of the printable proforma invoicing form, which is defined by the special "Print_Area" Excel range name.

This proforma invoice template also includes a logo image placeholder on the bottom of the form, which you should replace with your own logo image by clicking the "Replace Logo Image" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab (If you cannot find the "Invoice" ribbon tab, make sure Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) is installed). Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) works with all the major Excel versions actively used today, including Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.

You can also delete the logo image from this "Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background" template completely if you don't want it. To do this, first switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then click to select the "InvoicingTemplate" logo image, and then hit the DEL key on your keyboard.

Like other form designs here on, Pro-Forma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background is free (offered to you at a price of 0.00USD). It works on Windows XP and all newer versions of Windows, and Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.

Format and Specification

NameProforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background
CategoryProforma Invoice Template
Release DateSunday, July 10, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Excel Version Excel 2003 / Excel 2007 / Excel 2010 / Excel 2013 / Excel 2016 / Excel 2019
Feature Gallery
Line Height (Points)12.75
Print Area$D$3:$N$51
Papaer Size / OrientationLandscape
Default Margins (Points)