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Work Order Template

With simple dragging and dropping, a template designed for invoicing could be changed to a work order template. Our Excel work order templates are created this way, following guidelines described in the "Create and Customize Invoice Template" document. For this reason, all templates here work with Uniform Invoice Software.

Compared to work order templates in other formats like Microsoft Word etc., Excel based work order templates has its advantages like auto calculations.

Most of our templates here on include a logo image, which you can replace with your own logo, or delete completely.

Work Order Software

You can use the pure Excel work order forms to create work orders as easy as filling a blank paper form. You can also use any template with Uniform Invoice Software, which turns a simple template into powerful Excel-based work order software, allowing you to easily create and manage work orders, for example auto incremental numbering, as well as powerful reporting features.

For example, use a (auto) repair work order template with Uniform Invoice Software, you are using an Excel-based (auto) repair work order software with support for database.

Excel Work Order Template is a sub-topic of Excel Invoicing Templates . Here are our templates closely related to Excel Work Order Template.

Work Order Templatec5015

Work Order Form

"Work Order Template" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 87.

...(25) The work order template added several new fields to the original invoice template to describe related information about the work or job to be done.

...(30) The following chart details the custom fields added to the work order template, in addition to the standard fields used by the default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software.

Table nameField nameField type
Invoice Header (InvHdr)Equipmenttext (30)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)Modeltext (30)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)Serial Number text (30)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)Work Requestedtext (255)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)Hours Workeddecimal (12,2)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)Travel Timedecimal (12,2)

Work Order and Processing Sheet Practical Samplec7008

Work Order and Processing Sheet Form Practical Sample

"Work Order and Processing Sheet Form Practical Sample" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 82.

...(24) The following table summarizes the columns inside / outside the print area in the invoice template. The columns without a formula are manually editable.

Column headingColumn name prefixInside Print_AreaFormulaCustom fields
Product IDoknProductIDYes No
PageoknPrdPageYes Yes
DescriptionoknProductNameYes No
FinishoknPrdFinishYes Yes
QuantityoknQuantityYes No
Unit priceoknPriceYes No
Line totaloknLinetotalYes=ROUND(oknQuantity_?*oknPrice_?,2)No
FabricoknPrdFabricNo Yes
TrimoknPrdTrimNo Yes
TypeoknPrdTypeNo Yes
CategoryoknPrdCategoryNo Yes
FramesoknPrdFramesNo Yes

Backorder Invoice Templatec7002

Backorder Billing Form

"Backorder Billing Form" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 82.

...(41) When an order for inventory items is partially fulfilled, the portion of the order that has not yet been fulfilled is called a backorder. Backorder Invoice Template includes additional columns for you to detail Quantity Ordered, Quantity Shipped and Quantity Backordered.

...(92) In the original sales invoice template that is shipped with Uniform Invoice Software setup program, there is only on quantity column on the invoice detail section. This quantity refers to the quantity that the customer ordered, and it is also the quantity that was shipped to fulfill the order. If the quantity ordered is partially fulfilled, you may like to detail all these numbers - quantity ordered, quantity shipped, and quantity backordered. offers you this Backorder Invoice Template, which is in Microsoft Excel format, to meet the requirements of these businesses.

Excel Quotation Templatec9008

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

"Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 78.

...(38) This free quotation and estimation template in Microsoft Excel ".xlsx" format provides a sample of customizing the default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. It implements a special / complex discounting model to meet practical business requirements.

...(31) This template is created for businesses who sell goods. For a job estimating and quoting template, visit Job Estimate Template for Excel. For a general estimate template, see General Estimate Template.

...(41) The formula for "Line Total" incorporates both the auto-calculated portion, and the manually fillable field ("oknLineTotalManual_?" fields, placed outside the printable area, which means it is manually editable on creating invoices / estimations, but will not be included on printable invoices).

Pest Control Invoice / Work Orderc4042

Pest Control Invoice / Work Order

"Pest Control Invoice / Work Order Form" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 60.

...(168) By fully customizable, we meant you can not only personalize the logo image and your company information, but also colors, fonts, borders and additional images, and even the Excel formulas that used to calculate taxes and subtotal, totals. Simply put, our templates are not protected with a password, you can use it with or without Uniform Invoice Software installed - all are totally under your control. However, if you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, Pest Control Invoice / Work Order could be your electronical invoicing system that allows you to easily manage your customers, products, invoices and payments. For example, you can look up a customer information by search for name, company, address, phone, city state or zip / postal codes. By simple clicks, you can find out all the invoices created for the customer. You can also send electronic invoice online to your customer, in Excel spreadsheet (xlsx or xls) format, PDF format, or image (PNG) format. Read on to find more about pest-control invoicing and billing.

Backorder Invoice Template (Landscape)c7020

Backorder Billing Form (Landscape)

"Backorder Billing Form (Landscape)" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 59.

...(44) Backorder Invoice Template (Landscape) is a variant and customization sample of c7002 Backorder Invoice Template. This Excel invoice template has the similar form layout and design as the original version, but is customized for being printable on standard A4 paper with landscape paper orientation.

Note that if you use the Uniform Invoice Software and need to show the control on an extracted worksheet, then the control should be named with an "oknWidget_" prefix. For example, if you move the Taxable checkboxes into the , then the checkboxes should be named with "oknWidget_" prefix, such as oknWidget_taxtable1, oknWidget_taxable2, oknWidget_taxable3...

Excel Payment Voucher Templatec5052

Payment Voucher Template

"Payment Voucher Template" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 58.

...(36) Excel Payment Voucher Template is a editable sample voucher template created from Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop). It differs from the original voucher template in that this sample Excel voucher template is suitable for general business.

...(131) In design mode, Microsoft Excel allows you to move, add, or delete controls or images inside Excel Payment Voucher Template. Note that if you have our invoicing program installed, and you are running Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013, it already provides a Design Mode button on the ribbon tab, so that you don't have to switch to design mode manually. Our invoicing software is able to turn a simple spreadsheet into a powerful invoicing system, with the ability to manage customers, products, bills and payments, it also includes various tools that could help you configure the layout of your form, such as the number of taxes and tax names and rates. If you don't have our invoicing program installed, here are how you can switch to design mode manually.

Job Estimate Template for Excelc4084

Job Estimate in Excel Format

"Job Estimate Template for Excel" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 42.

...(35) This job and work estimate template in Excel spreadsheet format is a design based on c4009 Service Proposal and Quote. With this blank sample template, we move in the "ESTIMATE#" cell and the "Item#" column.

...(45) On the top of the blank estimate form you see the service business name. Next to it is the highlighted "ESTIMATE#" and "ESTIMATE DATE" fields. These fields are essentially the "Invoice#" and "Invoice Date" cells that appear on most free invoice templates here on

...(119) For this reason, the "ESTIMATE#" support all the features assigned to the "Invoice#" cell by Uniform Invoice Software. For example, if you click "Save To DB" or "Save Invoice", a sequential, progressive and unique estimate# is generated automatically if the "Estimate#" cell is left blank (see our gallery page at Excel Invoice Template Automatic Invoice Numbering). With pure-Excel spreadsheet solutions, this automatic numbering is not possible without using macros. To display / retrieve an existing estimate or quote, you can simply enter the estimate# into the cell. With the support from Uniform Invoice Software, the pure-Excel spreadsheet template is not only printable, but also enables features that could be hardly to implement with pure-Excel estimating and quoting software apps.

General Quote Template for Excelc2035

General Quote Template for Excel

"General Quote Template for Excel" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 41.

...(27) Since the line totals are manually editable, i.e. not calculated from hours and rate or quantity and unit price, it is more like a general invoice template.

...(138) Uniform Invoice Software support custom fields or user-defined fields, which is a unique feature that allows you to add new fields to the backend database as well as to the spreadsheet form. General Quote Template for Excel uses custom fields to implement the features that are not available in the default template shipped with the invoicing program. With the support for custom fields in the database, Uniform Invoice Software has the ability to manipulate the newly added fields in database, includes adding them to reports. With the support for custom fields in the Excel worksheet, our invoicing app has the ability to create the relationship between fields - for example, one field should be the sum of the other fields, or the value of one field should be calculated only when another field value equals a certain value.

Labor Invoice with Gradient Borderc4076

Labor Service Invoice with Gradient Border

"Labor Invoice with Gradient Border" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 39.

...(44) We've already published several samples on using form-level borders. For example, borders could be implemented using Excel's own cell border (sample: Standard Invoice Template with Double Border), or using shape object (you can find a downloadable sample at Simple Sample - Using Shape Object).

...(57) Assuming the printable form has 10 rows and we choose to fill the left-border column with gradient colors, each of the 10 cells on the left-border column will be filled with a separate gradient effect. This isn't what we want because we want the whole left-border, from top to bottom, be filled with only one gradient effect.

Commercial Invoicing Templatec7015

Commercial Billing Form

"Commercial Invoicing Template" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 12.

...(218) offers this free commercial invoice template in Excel format. The template offers blank invoice forms that are highly customizable and printable. With its intuitive interface, you can fill in it just like filling a paper form with a paper. The commercial invoice is required to be furbished as a customs declaration form when exporting goods across international borders. A commercial invoice form includes necessary fields to help the importer present a detailed invoice to the custom authorities. It is presented while clearing the goods. It also includes the terms of Sale, a harmonized code for every item and tax identification of the seller as well as the buyer. The commercial invoice template helps you draft invoices with easy and quick. While there are commercial invoice templates or examples online in other formats, such as Microsoft Word or PDF, the Excel-format commercial invoice template has some interesting features, for example, the use of formulas. If you use the Uniform Invoice Software edition, the definition of custom fields is another powerful feature that shouldn't ignore. If you are looking for a guide on how to create a commercial invoice, or what is a commercial invoice, or commercial invoice examples, this free commercial invoice form, like the other samples available here on, answered the question in an intuitive way.

Hotel Receipt Templatec7005

Hotel Invoice Template

"Hotel Receipt Template" was found to be relative to Excel Work Order Template with the score grade of 9.

...(121) A hotel or motel needs different invoice and receipt formats than a generic sales invoice template or generic service invoice template for purchasing goods and service. The blank receipt form provided here on offers a sample hotel receipt that you could use to create your hotel bills in an easy way. Our templates are in Microsoft Excel format. All templates here are not protected with password, so that you can easily customize the layout without problems. You can also download a printable PDF version of the hotel invoice template here. If you are looking for a hotel invoice template in Word ".doc" format online, we recommend this Excel-format template instead, as Excel provides more features for calculations and data validations.


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