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Professional Freelance Billc4047

Professional Freelance Billing Format

"Professional Freelance Bill" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 95.

...(79) You may find many invoicing templates available here on meet the above criterion, including Freelance Invoice Template, Invoice Template Hourly Rate, or visit our service invoice template category. Every business is different. You may like your invoices not only including all the required information, but also looks professional and special to your business. That is why we at create this new freelance invoice template and offer you for free, Professional Freelance Bill / Professional Freelance Billing Format.

...(105) The template has no tax set by default (the tax cells are hidden and not printable). With Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can easily change it to one tax or two taxes, depending on your particular needs. Simply click the Settings button on the ribbon tab, and then go to the Taxes tab, choose your tax type (no tax, one tax, two taxes), enter the tax name such as VAT, and the rate, click Apply and you are done! With this flexibility, we can say this template is not only suitable for freelancer, limited company and also sole trader, whether they are VAT-registered or not.

General Waybillc3010

General Packing Slip

"General Waybill" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 95.

...(97) Secondly you can use this template along with Uniform Invoice Software. By installing Uniform Invoice Software, the simple pure-Excel formatted waybill template become a complete waybill generating system. For example, it allow you to quickly fill in customer (receiver or shipping destination) information by choose from a pop-up window, or simply typing the customer#. Finding out an existing waybill is also much easier. By using search bar provided by Uniform Invoice Software, you can search for an existing document by looking for particular value in any fields that available in the waybill template / packing slip template.

Netherland Sales Invoice Templatec6009

Netherland Sales Billing Form

"Netherland Sales Billing Form" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 87.

  • the name and address of the supplier
  • the VAT identification number of the supplier
  • your name and address
  • the invoice number
  • the invoice date
  • the date on which the goods or services were supplied
  • the quantity and type of goods supplied
  • the nature and type of services supplied

...(35) This Netherland Sales Invoicing Sample does not show currency symbols on the invoice form and the printed invoices. If you would like to change or set the currency symbol, here is how to do it.

Law Firm Invoice Templatec5104

Law Firm Invoice Template

"Law Firm Invoice Template" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 84.

...(30) The template includes several custom fields on invoice heading part that are not found in the standard invoice template, including "Your Reference#", "Desk", "Our File Ref#", "Your File Ref#", "Currency".

...(62) The "Currency" field is special on this template. It is defined as a custom field, but its value are fixed to the value "US $" by assigning it the formula ="US $" and by locking the cell. Uniform Invoice Software does not clear the cells when you click the "Clear & New" command, if the cells have formulas assigned and are locked.

Lightweight Sales Invoice Templatec5070

Lightweight Sales Billing Form

"Lightweight Sales Billing Form" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 84.

...(236) If you prefer this lightweight invoice layout but still want a logo image on the form, it is easy to add one if you have the latest version of Uniform Invoice Software installed. To do this, simply click the "Replace logo image" command on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. This will open a dialog box that asks if you want to add a new logo image since there is no default logo image placeholder on the form. Confirm that you want to add a logo image, and then browse to and choose the your own logo image. The newly added logo image will be in design mode, which allows you to resize and move the image, and there are even more options you can use to adjust the image if you right-click the image and choose Properties. The options on the Properties pane are provided by Microsoft Excel, but not Uniform Invoice Software. As you can see, one of the advantages of Uniform Invoice Software, compared to other invoicing solutions, is that it utilizes the full power of Microsoft Excel, so that you can easily design / customize the invoice form with familiar tools. This lightweight sales invoice template, just like the other invoice templates available here on, are just samples on how to customize the default invoice template shipped with the Uniform Invoice Software installation program, although they could be used directly without any modifications.

...(70) This template, Lightweight Sales Billing Form, does not uses custom fields, although you can easily add them with Uniform Invoice Software. With Excel Invoice Manager, which is our first generation of invoicing software based on Microsoft Excel, where custom fields (i.e. user-defined fields) should be defined using a standalone tool, Uniform Invoice Software integrates the "Custom Field Manager" into the main program itself and simplifies the use of custom field.

Sales Invoice with Profit Calculationc5060

Sales Invoice with Profit Calculation

"Sales Invoice with Profit Calculation" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 72.

...(75) If you are interested in the implementation details regarding this invoicing template, read on. You may find that it could be a good sample on adding profit and taxable column to your own invoice template. The following description assumes the circumstances that we are creating this template based on the default sales invoice template. You job may differ, but as said before, you can see this as a sample on adding the profit calculation feature.

...(78) The support for custom fields makes it possible for even an end user who does not know programming at all, could add new features to her/his invoicing creator such as Sales Invoice with Profit Calculation without writing one line of programming code. Feel free to Search and download more samples. Sometimes our customization samples are offered in two editions here on, that are one freeware edition, and another edition that works only with our invoicing software installed.

Netherland Sales Invoice Template 2c5050

Netherland Sales Billing Form 2

"Netherland Sales Billing Form 2" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 44.

...(102) Adding a custom field to the Customer table in the database makes it possible to save the field value to database along with the other data of a customer / client. For example, adding the custom field Company Name to the Customer database table allows you to save the company name of a customer to the database when you save a customer. If you use Uniform Invoice Software version template Netherland Sales Invoice Template 2 and add the custom field to the invoice form, the value is retrieved and filled into Netherland Sales Invoice Template 2 whenever you pick up a customer.

Singapore GST Invoice Template (Sales)c6021

Singapore GST Billing Format (Sales)

"Singapore GST Billing Format (Sales)" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 16.

  1. the words "tax invoice" in a prominent place
  2. an identifying number (Invoice #)
  3. the date of issue of the invoice (Invoice Date)
  4. the name, address and registration number of the supplier
  5. the name and address of the person to whom the goods or services are supplied
  6. a description sufficient to identify the goods or services supplied and the type of supply
  7. for each description, the quantity of the goods or the extent of the services and the amount payable, excluding GST
  8. any cash discount offered
  9. the total amount payable excluding GST, the rate of GST and the total GST chargeable shown as a separate amount
  10. the total amount payable including the total GST chargeable and
  11. if the amount under (9) to (10) above is in foreign currency, the corresponding Singapore currency has to be indicated

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keysc5094

Standard Invoice Format and Shortcut Keys for UIS Version 5.11

"UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 13.

  • Backup your invoice template.
  • Open it as usual.
  • Switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Go to Excel "Insert" ribbon.
  • Click "Text Box" in the "Text" group, and click the location on the sheet where you want to put the button. Excel creates a new text box on the sheet, and put the control in text edit mode.
  • Enter the button caption text, such as "Customers".
  • Click the corner of the text box. This exits text edit mode, and selects the text box itself.
  • Go to the "Format" ribbon tab (This tab shows only when the shape object is selected).
  • In the "Shape Styles" group, click the "More" down-arrow on the preset style list to show the list of all preset theme fill effects. Choose one of the feel effect from the list. For example, with the default template shipped with UIS, we choose "Subtle effect - Black, Dark 1" - the forth one on the left-most column. By assign the text box a proper background, the text box now looks like a button.
  • Name the text box by entering the name in the name box located on the left-end of Excel formula bar. For example, the text box labeled as "Customers" should be named "oknCmdCustomer".
  • Now right-click the control and choose "Assign Macro".
  • Enter the following macro command.
  • Repeat the above steps to add all the other buttons. See table below for button names and captions.
  • Once done, exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Save the template by clicking the Save button on Excel quick access toolbar.

Bill Sample in Estonianc6026

Bill Sample in Estonian

"Bill Format in Estonian" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 10.

...(48) "Text label", sometimes also called "static label", means those text that are not changed from invoice to invoice, such as the column headings on the detail section. Comparatively speaking, the content that changes from invoice to invoice is called "field", which has corresponding space in the backend database.

  1. Once the template is in design mode, right-click the cell.
  2. Choose "Format Cells" from the shortcut menu.
  3. On the "Number" tab, choose "Date" from the "Category" list.
  4. Choose the proper date format from the "Type" list.

...(12) The following table shows the English labels and their corresponding Estonian labels.

Invoice Template with Tax Columnc5001

Invoice Template with Tax Column

"Invoice Template with Tax Column" was found to be relative to Bill Of Sale Invoice Template with the score grade of 4.

...(100) Although the invoice template includes fields for shipping information, the body part has columns titled with "Hours" and "Rate/Hour". If you don't like these two headings, you can easily change them to Quantity and Unit Price by simply unprotect the Invoice worksheet and then type in your own text labels. However these are not the interesting parts of this invoice template. The special point of this invoice template is that it includes a Tax column, which shows the tax amount calculated based on tax rate (specified on the bottom of the form), line total and status of the "Taxable" checkbox.

...(61) This formula means that, if the "Taxable" checkbox is checked on the first line of the invoice body (identified by the " oknTaxable_1" cell value), it calculates tax amount based on line total and tax rate. If the "Taxable" checkbox is not checked, it shows either an empty string or the symbol "-" depending on whether the line total is zero.


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